Lifetime Warranty

Certificate of Lifetime Warranty

This will certify that our memorial portraits are covered by a lifetime warranty for the life of the monument to which it is attached. In the event of defects, breakage, fading or vandalism we will replace the memorial portrait at no charge. Each order is shipped with a Certificate of Warranty card.

Our Technology

The latest state-of-the-art Italian technology is used to create our innovative high-resolution digital transfer of photographic images (photos) to a porcelain or steel enamel support material.

Our Quality

This new proprietary technology, combined with the use of ceramic pigments, will guarantee the highest standards of color, visual reproduction, and quality of imagery, clarity and durability. All portraits, panels and murals are all fired and fused into the top glaze of the support material, at temperatures in excess of 1650 °F., thereby creating an everlasting memory.

Our Guarantee

Our digital image transfer technology guarantees permanent resistance to:

  • Sunlight / UV rays (will never fade)
  • Surface resistant to acid rain
  • Scratch resistant
  • Frost resistant